Australia says international travel will not be resuming ‘anytime soon’

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Australian prime minister, Scott Morrison, says international travel and mass gatherings will not be resuming ‘anytime soon’.

On lifting restrictions, Scott Morrison said “don’t get your hopes up for a return to normal as we knew it.”

He added that this will not be the case until there is a vaccine – and even then, things will continue to be different.

Putting the protections in place for a Covid-safe Australia, means Morrison said that Australia can get an economic growth occurring again, and move on to what Australians like doing again.

“It won’t be exactly like it was before. I can’t see international travel occurring anytime soon. Can’t see that. The risks there are obvious.

The only exception to that, as I have flagged, is potentially with New Zealand, and we have had some good discussions about that. But outside of that, that is unlikely” the Australian Prime Minister said.

He also thanked the 2.8 million Australians who have already downloaded the COVIDSafe app but said “millions and millions and millions more” needed to follow suit for it to be successful.

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