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Banksy mural of sneezing woman appears on England’s steepest street

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BRISTOL, England (Reuters) – A mural of a sneezing woman by Banksy has appeared on a house at the end of what is said to be England’s steepest street in the city of Bristol, the birthplace of the elusive street artist.

Banksy, whose true identity is a closely guarded secret, posted pictures of the work on his official Instagram account, along with the comment “Aachoo!!”

The mural, which shows the woman’s false teeth propelled through the air and her handbag and walking stick sent flying by the violent sneeze, is on the side of a house at the junction of Vale Street and Park Street in the Totterdown area of the city in western England.

Vale Street has a gradient of 22 degrees and residents stage an egg rolling competition down the slope at Easter.

Reporting by Rebecca Naden, Writing by Paul Sandle; editing by Michael Holden

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