Belgians advised to shorten shower times to reduce energy bills

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As people are currently exploring every way possible to reduce their energy consumption and avoid spiralling bills, one place where on cut costs is in the bathroom.

Belgians spend an average of nine minutes in the shower. Between shampoos, the application of a hair mask, and body scrubs, time can very quickly pass. In order to reduce the energy bill, this duration should be reduced by four minutes and therefore not exceed five minutes under the shower.

This results in a benefit of 128 euros on the household bill, according to data provided by the information centre Milieu Centraal.  One will also save 15,000 litres of hot water and 618 kWh of natural gas on an annual basis.

Is taking a shower more economical than a bath? Short answer: yes, it is, as long as you don’t stay in there for 20 minutes. A bath requires between 150 and 200 litres of hot water.

If one  spend less than five minutes in the shower, you consume between 60 and 90 litres of water. Longer than that and you are getting closer to the amount of water used in an average bathtub. 

Meanwhile, because of rising costs, experts are calling for a return to public baths in the Belgian capital so that 10% of those lacking access to water have a place to wash themselves.

There was a time when it was possible to bathe in our cities; public washrooms which gave those people who did not have those amenities at home the opportunity to clean themselves and to enjoy the bathing experience. 

Today, around 10% of the capital’s population has difficulty accessing water, says Pauline Bacquaert, an expert of water scarcity at the Free University of Brussels. These figures include people who have housing but may be struggling to pay their bills or have problems with their utilities, but also those who do not have housing and need to find places to wash and take care of themselves.

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