Malta celebrates Independence Day / Malta News Briefing – Wednesday 21 September 2022

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Afternoon Briefing

Malta celebrates 58th years of independence

President George Vella, Acting Prime Minister Owen Bonnici and Leader of the Opposition Bernard Grech laid flowers at the Independence monument in Floriana today, on Independence Day. The traditional Mass was celebrated by the Archbishop at the St John’s Co-Cathedral.

Malta to prioritise literacy skillsPM

Prime Minister Robert Abela has said that as an elected Member of the UN Security Council, Malta will place its priority on literal skills while working to safeguard the right of all to the educational sector. He was addressing the Summit on Education in New York during which leaders from several countries stated their commitment that over the next eight years the educational sector will undergo changes. (TVM)

Poverty, health, education and environment are PN’s biggest concerns – Grech

Leader of the Opposition Bernard Grech said the Opposition is an alternative Government and will not allow our quality of life to be diminished. Dr Grech said that Independence means liberty because the country can decide for itself. He said that the cost of living is a major social issue and remarked that the PN wants a concrete policy which takes care of everyone with solutions that address poverty, health, education and the environment. (TVM)

Don’t seek politics for personal gain – Archbishop

Archbishop Charles Scicluna has called on politicians to avoid the “scourge of social climbing” and not use politics to “move ahead of others and achieve recognition and wealth”.  In a strongly-worded homily during mass celebrated to mark Independence Day – which Malta is celebrating on Wednesday – Archbishop Charles Scicluna highlighted three issues he said he believes politicians should keep in mind.  Those entering politics, he said, should do so with humility and not for personal gain. (Times of Malta)

Morning Briefing

Budget date set for 24th October

PM Robert Abela announced that the Budget for 2023 will be announced on October 24. In comments on the budget broadcaster, Abela re-iterated that the budget will focus on stability and sustainability during very challenging times. Finance Minister Clyde Caruana has already indicated that government will be spending around 600 millon euro to cushion the recent hikes in energy and food prices.

Unions take common stand on COLA

In a rare move, Unions are presenting a united front on how the cost of living adjustment should be applied in exceptional circumstances such as the current situation. The unions said that this initiative was being taken in light of the current unprecedented situation that led to a “record” COLA increase of around €10 in the next budget. No details of the proposal was given. “These unions which together represent thousands of workers will be coming together as one front to present a proposal through which the COLA mechanism will be able to address such circumstances, whilst ensuring that justice is done in the interest of the workers and employers,” the unions said.

128 roads completed so far in 2022

Infrastructure Malta has rebuilt another 128 residential roads in the first eight months of this year, an average of four roads per week. This was announced by the Minister for Transport, Infrastructure and Capital Projects Aaron Farrugia who explained that complementing major infrastructure projects, the daily works on residential and rural roads are ongoing, according to the needs of communities. The 128 residential roads it rebuilt between January and August add up to around another 27 kilometers of roads with a higher quality infrastructure.

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