Budget lacks vision for future – PN

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PN leader Bernard Grech said that Budget 2022 was lacking in delivering a future vision for the economy, and does not show the way in terms of government’s direction for key sectors such as tourism. He noted how government has lumped our country with debt, adding some five billion euro in Malta’s debt levels between 2020 and 2024. Recalling a recent quote by Finance Minister Clyde Caruana that the coronavirus set the country back 1.5 billion, he noted that the rest of excess expenditure was a result of profligacy and corrution.

This is a budget which forgot about the front-liners, doctors, nurses, teachers, front-liners, he added.

Grech welcomed measures, which he said the PN has long been pushing for, including free medicines for IVF. He noted however Labour had attacked him when

On the cost of living, Grech said the assistance provided is not enough, arguing that no further assistance was given as government had lost control of its finance. On the other hand, it had millions for Vitals and Electrogas were available.

“The country is adding four million euro debt every day, but for pensioners just 71c and for the rest just 25 cents”, he insisted.

The PN will be presenting its proposal on how it will take the country forward, he argued.

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