Carbon neutrality strategy should address different reality of Member States – Miriam Dalli

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Energy Minister Miriam Dalli has called on the Energy Council of Ministers to support a carbon neutrality strategy that addresses the different realities of the European member states, understanding that the needs of those living in the Northern Europe differ to those living in the Southern region.

“The most important thing for a member state like Malta is that specific realities of different member states are taken into account, particularly smaller member states that have limited or no connection to the continental grid. The realities that the Northern member states face are totally different than the realities that the Southern member states face. This differentiation has to be taken into account when policies and programmes are planned and formulated,” Minister Dalli said.

“It is imperative that technical and financial support is tailored for our needs, so that we can overcome technical and financial barriers and concretely contribute towards a cleaner energy system.”

Energy Ministers met virtually to discuss the member states’ priorities in view of the forthcoming revision of European energy legislation. In July, the European Commission published the EU Strategy for Energy System Integration, providing the framework for the green energy transition.

During the four-hour discussion, where Miriam Dalli delivered her first address to the Council of Ministers as Energy Minister, she emphasised that an all-encompassing strategy should look at training workers and including consumers.

“For the Green Deal to be successful, we must train and prepare our current workforce, as well as ensure that our upcoming generations are equipped with the necessary skills. On the other hand, consumers need to be informed to understand the tangible benefits, often of a financial nature, but also intangible benefits, such as the impact on climate, air quality and – in the case of households – comfort,” she said.

Minister Dalli stated that to develop more versatile and less costly renewable energy sources, investments in technology are needed; “This transition requires a whole deployment of solutions which enable consumers to go for equipment run by renewable sources which typically has lower consumption.”​

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