Our vision at CiGroup is to create, enable and foster meaningful communities and communications. As our business activity grows, we remain inspired by the precepts of social justice, solidarity, social inclusion, and respect for human dignity. We also are inspired by the fact that we’re European and while retaining a local perspective, we have a global outlook on happenings and events.

We often tend the aspect which is strictly linked to our life whether personal, companies or organisations. This is why the Group has also committed part of its efforts towards supporting the creation of opportunities for a section of the Maltese society to empower some of the more vulnerable people who might be subjected to social exclusion and risk of poverty, including the children, youth and the elderly, enabling them to realise their aspirations and full human potential.

Ci Consulta is Malta’s first advisory firm which focuses on policy, based on research and insights from a team of professionals, which help companies harness their human, social, technological and brand capital, bringing a local perspective with a global outlook.

On its tenth anniversary, the company embarked on the transformation and repositioning of the communications company into a multi-disciplinary advisory firm focusing on Corporate Communications, Marketing, Social Impact, Economy, AI and Public Affairs company which serves multiple clients and organisations, local and internationaly, private and institutional, through its various divisions. 

The organisation today employs 11 professionals and has an additional team of 12 senior professional associates from various fields.

The Advisory firm specialises in Public Policy Advisorsy, Corporate Communications, Effective Societal Engagement Programmes, Research, European Affairs Advisory, Employee Engagement, Market Positioning, Business Strategy and Reputation Management services. 

We provide research and consultancy services across a range of legal and policy areas of the European Union.

CDEIU offers a cross-border service which together with our inside knowledge and experience working with the EU institutions gives us an edge in the provision of consultancy services.

Our team will help you assess the impact of legal and policy changes at EU level and tailor the solution for your specific needs, position and market. We are committed to offering work of the highest standard.

We work with you throughout a project thereby ensuring that results are achieved with the client in mind. Our vision is one where our clients adapt and comply to political and legal changes with the least possible fuss.

We help you: Determine where you are

We help you: See where you want to go

We help you: Reach your goals

CDEIU provides relevant, robust, reliable intelligence and information, to inform a company about specific business requirements.

Backed by an expanding network of connections and strategic relationships, we offer timely geopolitical analysis, economic insights, media monitoring services and C-Level resources development amongst others.

We draw tailor-made reports, expert advice, focused and as concise or detailed as required, one-off or periodic, robust information documents which alert clients to any important stories and changes so one can formalise,  amend, change or adapt strategies based on information.

Our research and policy advisory is sought for strategic deployment and implementation when decisions need to be taken in a short time, based upon a holistic overview of a developing situation.

CDE.News The news and information platform of the organisation which reviews over 80 news sources from around the world giving localised issues a global perspective. It is the go-to media service when it comes to credible, fact-checked news about geopolitical developments, international current affairs and European policy and developments, while analysing local news. 

InsightsInstitute – The organisation’s forum which through CiNext, brings together a network of experts and thought leaders from different sectors: academic, business, policy, volunteering, innovation and technology, among others, covering a broad range of themes. The Institute is currently working on the creation of the Malta2030 vision, a vision based on the notion of the common good. Its team also conducts primary research and provides secondary research services building into policy documents, position papers and reports for its policy arm. 

Covid-19 gave the world an opportunity to re-think where we were wrong and time to reflect on what is ‘essential’.

To us, the most essential thing is that we have an opportunity to shape tomorrow by harnessing all the strengths at hand to create and bequeath future generations with the legacy of a more resilient and inclusive Maltese society