Celiac disease does not boost COVID-19 risks

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Celiac disease does not increase patients’ risk for infection or severe illness from the new coronavirus, new data show.

People with celiac disease have defective immune activity and are known to be more vulnerable to a variety of viral infections, raising concerns they might also be more vulnerable to COVID-19.

But when researchers used national databases in Sweden to compare 40,963 people with celiac disease to 183,892 similar people without it, they found no differences in risks of infection, COVID-19 related hospitalization, critical illness requiring intensive care, or death from the disease.

In a report published on Thursday in Clinical Epidemiology, the authors note that Sweden has imposed only limited social distancing regulations, and “the lack of a generalized lockdown is likely to have increased the number of individuals exposed to COVID-19.”

In this setting, they report, the risk of hospitalization for COVID-19 was about 1-in-1000 and the risk of being diagnosed with COVID-19 was about 1%.

“There was no difference in these outcomes when comparing celiac disease patients to controls.”

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