Chamber of Advocates Resumes Quarterly Law Seminars, State Advocate To Comment On New Judicial Action

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‘Non-conviction-based Confiscations: A New Judicial Action under Maltese law’ will be the subject of the next Quarterly Law Seminar organised by the Chamber of Advocates who invited Dr Christopher Soler, the State Advocate, to comment on this theme.

The one-hour seminar will be held at the Chamber’s Conference Hall within the Courts of Justice on the 6th of October at 12.00 noon and will also be available online via Zoom.

Dr Christopher Soler will discuss some salient points including the nature and type of this new judicial action, the role and functions of the Asset Recovery Bureau, matters relating to the Asset Recovery Section within the Civil Court, the concept of ownership interest, judicial review of the confiscation, Constitutional rights of the defendant, and third-party rights.

The Quarterly Seminars were launched in February 2019 by the Malta Law Academy Foundation, the educational arm of the Chamber of Advocates, in collaboration with the University of Malta’s Faculty of Laws. The MLA seeks to educate the legal and other professions in legal and related studies, as well as provide updates about legal developments in various fields.

“For legal practitioners to always be in a position to offer the best legal service to their clients, they need to remain updated with the law. The quarterly seminars also managed to defy the pandemic because notwithstanding all the disruption, more practitioners subscribed to these seminars online and the attendance actually grew,” said Dr David Fabri, the coordinator of the series.

Registration for this seminar is possible either by email to for in person attendance, or  over Zoom through the following link:

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