Chamber says workers should not get full COLA if already given pay rise this year / Malta News Briefing – Sunday 14 August 2022

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Morning Briefing

Chamber says workers should not get full COLA if already given pay rise this year

Workers who had a salary raise this year should not receive the full cost of living adjustment expected to be announced in the budget later this year, the Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry recommended. In its pre-budget proposals, the business lobby said that such workers hould only get the difference between the increase to be announced by the government and the COLA for 2022. The Chamber also suggested the introduction of parking meters in urban centres, and the cutting down of VAT charged by restaurants and takeaways to seven per cent.

Hard work of clergy should not be discredited – Archbishop

Archbishop Charles Scicluna insisted that the fact that a priest is facing criminal allegations should not discredit the hard work so many other priests do. He added that many members of the clergy work hard in silence. “When a tree collapses in the woods, it makes a lot of noise, yes. But it shouldn’t make us forget that there is an entire woodland of trees that are growing steadily and continuously in silence, without anyone ever noticing and without ever making the headlines”, Scicluna added. Fr Luke Seguna, 39, was charged with money laundering, fraud, falsifying a public deed and using a falsified document.

Covid-19 Update

Health authorities on Saturday reported 30 new Covid-19 cases, as active cases dropped down to 524. The death tally also remained unchanged, three short of 800.

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