Claims that vaccinated people are more likely to infect others have no scientific basis – WHO

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The World Health Organization (WHO) has strongly denied claims that Covid-19 vaccines were among the factors causing the spread of new variants of the virus. These reports were being fuelled particulaly in France, alleging that vaccinated people were more likely to infect others with stronger stains of the coronavirus.

The leading health body, as well as other immunologists, have insisted that such claims are not only unfounded but have no scientific basis.

Speaking on Euronews, a WHO spokesperson said that “There is no evidence of this. Vaccination is part of the solution for suppressing transmission along with existing public health measures”.

Articles based on made-up stories that vaccinated citizens are a “threat to society” have gone viral in France, creating a headache for health authorities, with a survey showing that almost half of the population is unwilling to take the vaccine.

via Euronews