Clashes as some 9,000 Honduran migrants try to cross Guatemala on their journey to USA

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Several Guatemalan soldiers clash with Honduran migrants at a police control in the city of Chiquimula, Guatemala.

Some 9,000 Honduran migrants are crossing western Guatemala on their journey to USA.

Guatemalan soldiers and police beat a group of Honduran migrants, in a road near to Chiquimula, Guatemala. EPA-EFE/Esteban Biba

Guatemalan security forces detained and violently reprimanded a migrant caravan made up of thousands of Hondurans over the weekend, who intend to reach Mexico and later the United States in search of the American dream.

Reports said the migrants were attacked with sticks and tear gas by members of the Guatemalan security forces when they tried to advance on a highway in the west of the country, where they have been stranded since Saturday night 16 January.

A family rests after being repressed by Guatemalan authorities, who repressed Honduran migrants who walk on a highway near to Chiquimula, Guatemala. EPA-EFE/Esteban Biba

Even if the migrants do get past, Mexico is preparing to stop them at its southern border with hundreds of security forces, arguing it must contain the spread of the virus.

Mexico, it said, was committed to orderly and regulated migration and would oppose any form of unauthorized entry.

The first migrant caravan of the year comes less than a week before Biden takes office on Wednesday promising to adopt a more humane approach to migration than Trump.

Still, a Biden transition official, speaking on background, advised people not to make for the United States.

Via EPA-EFE/Esteban Biba

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