CNN : The evolution of Zuckerberg from a techie to a world leader overseeing a nation of two billion people he created

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CNN’s Mark Zuckerberg’s growing up moment.

zuckerbergCNN’s Laurie Segall meets Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg before he addresses the US Congress and gives account of how the techie geek evolved into a world leader, who is ‘overseeing’ a nation he created of two billion people. She also shares her experience on how she’s seen this man change and how it’s time for him to ‘grow up’.

“Like the CEOs of banks, automakers and tobacco companies before him — as the CEO of a major, world-changing company — Zuckerberg will answer to Congress. And temperature control will be out of his hands.

This is his moment, one that could have a significant impact on him and his company, and it will not come easily to him.

A source inside Facebook says Zuckerberg’s game plan is to convince lawmakers that the company is taking data privacy issues seriously and that it will be more transparent from now on. That game plan is partly why the company has in the last few weeks released an onslaught of updates regarding third party access to the platform, transparency around user data, and changes to make political advertising on Facebook more transparent.”

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