2,055 migrants relocated to other EU countries in past decade / Malta News Briefing – Wednesday 24 November 2021

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Times of Malta says that Zenith Finance directors say court case against them should be dropped

MaltaToday says that a woman has died after a group of migrants were rescued at sea by the Armed Forces of Malta.

Newsbook says that the gathering of evidence of brothers Adrian and Robert Agius, better known as ta’ Maksar, and their associates Jamie Vella and George Degiorgio resumed on Wednesday afternoon.

TVM says that at residents in St. Paul’s Bay have suggested that sound barriers be made or that speed cameras be increased on the bypass that leads to Xemxija due to the noise that is being causing illegal racing

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2,055 migrants relocated to other EU countries in past decade

234 migrants were relocated from Malta to EU countries and associated states this year up to mid-November, Home Affairs Minister Byron Camilleri said in Parliament. The number had reached 619 the year before. Relocations since 2019 have cost €1,060,000 of which €950,000 were provided by the EU.
At the same time, 361 migrants were returned to their country of origin, including 36 who accepted to return voluntarily. Over the past ten years, some 2,055 irregular migrants and asylum seekers were relocated to other EU countries or associated states, he added.

Govt should stop payments to Steward now – PN

Government should immediately stop paying Steward for the running of three hospitals which were transferred from the public sector, Opposition Leader Bernard Grech said in a post on Facebook. Grech added that Abela was trying to shift the blame on others for the deal which is costing millions of euros to the taxpayer. The PN leader was reacting to comments by Robert Abela on Tuesday that the government will take “all possible legal action” against Steward Healthcare if the company fails to honour its contractual obligations in the running of three state hospitals and that it would be doing its best to avoid paying a €100 million penalty clause to be paid to Steward if the contract collapses.

Morning Briefing

Constituted Bodies warn against surge in Public Sector Employment

The Malta Employers’ Association, The Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry, the Malta Chamber of SMEs, the Malta Hotels and Restaurants Association and the Gozo Business Chamber have called on government to put an immediate halt on the drain of human resources from the private sector, to be employed in the public sector including state appointed bodies. “Some companies are having to reduce their operations as a result of a shortage of manpower. Many have to resort to replacing Maltese employees lost to the public sector with other nationalities. This is changing the distribution of the labour force, as government is employing a greater percentage of the Maltese labour force, with companies compensating for labour shortfalls by engaging more foreign labour.”

The business organisations stated that they are convinced that, in many cases, there is no real need for these persons in the public sector. They recalled that public sector employment is financed by the output and taxes generated by entrepreneurs and their employees, and depleting the private sector of human resources will spell trouble even for tax revenue generation.

Abela warns Steward of possible legal action

PM Robert Abela has threatened Steward Healthcare with “all possible legal action” a if the company fails to honour its contractual obligations in the running of three state hospitals. “Our main message to Steward Healthcare is that they have contractual obligations which they must honour,” he said.
“If Steward fails to observe its obligations, the government will take all the possible legal action.” Steward took over the hospitals deal from Vital Global Healthcare, in 2018. Asked whether this clause had been signed behind the government’s back, Abela, who was a government consultant at the time, said he had only learnt about the agreement “after it was signed.”

Covid-19 Update: 71 new COVID-19 cases were reported as the number of hospital cases rose to 16 after being 12 over the past two days. The number of people in intensive care remains two.

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