Corporate Dispatch Be Informed Evening Roundup

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Good evening,

These are the headlines of the stories that our editorial team at Corporate Dispatch worked on Thursday.

10-year-old child dies in traffic accident in Manikata – Read more

Iran’s Revolutionary Guard says shooting down of U.S. drone sent a clear message to America – Read More

Boris Johnson will go head-to-head with Jeremy Hunt for the Conservative leadership as Michael Gove and Sajid Javid were eliminated from the leadership contest. Read More

Ukrainian court upholds order for new parliamentary elections – Read More

Court rules that UK arms sales to Saudi Arabia unlawful – Read More

Turkey: 24 persons given life sentences over 2016 failed coup-  Read More

For Europe’s relevance, Merkel should be next EU council president – Sigmar Gabriel – Read more

Salvini should be given Nobel Peace Prize – AFD – Read More

Poland’s new retirement rules for judges break EU laws – Read more 

Three persons died following collapse of building in Gorizia, Italy – Read more

Ryanair’s flight to Malta will take off millions in Irish Tax – Malta Business Weekly – Read more 

Italian Prime Minister Conte says that Italy will lower deficit next year and is not seeking favours from EU – Read More

Iratxe Garcia Perez elected as President of the European Group of Socialists and Democrats – Read More 

Malta – Third of foreign children bullied at school – Times of Malta – Read More 

Deutsche Bank being investigated on whether they complied with Anti-Money laundering crimes – Read More 

Malta – FIAU made 12 requests for information to UAE in 2018 – The Malta Independent – Read More 

Pfizer deal: GSK offers concessions to address EU concerns – Read More 

UK Royal Dukes and Duchesses charities to split – Read more 

France will not legalise recreational use of cannabis – Minister Borne – Read more

New details about the sequel to The Gladiator revealed – Read more 

Previously unheard song by Freddie Mercury premiered on Thursday (Video) – Read more

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