Diplomatique.Expert Edition 21

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Pete Buttigieg’s Iowa results, the post-Brexit negotiations, Huawei’s role in UK and Europe and the lone-wolf terror attacks in this week’s edition of the Corporate Dispatch’s geopolitical insight publication – Diplomatique.Expert

The Story  – Huawei ‘threats’ do not dissuade UK

Brexit undoubtedly dominated the news around the world this week, but another issue that took both London and Brussels by storm was the fallout with Chinese multinational company Huawei.

The UK government announced that it was going to allow Huawei to continue to supply telecoms network, particularly the 5G network, despite pressure from the US

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The Story  – Brexit – One battle over, another begins

Brexit fatigue has become a real issue for many analysts and policy makers over the past three and a half years. The UK had been unable to plot a way out of the European Union, and it took no less than three Prime Ministers to determine how its exit would proceed. That is no longer an issue – as of the 31st January 2020, the UK has formally left the European Union, whilst it remains part of its regulatory framework. That part too will come to an end on the 31st December of this year.

The big problem now is: what happens as of 2021?

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The Story – Iowa to New Hampshire – Sanders & Buttigieg steam ahead

The Iowa Caucuses of 2020 will be memorable for a number of reasons. For one, the application which was meant to deliver the results utterly failed to do its job, leading to a paper count in order to determine the winner. At the time of writing, the race for Iowa was incredibly close between Pete Buttigieg and Bernie Sanders, with Mayor Pete winning 26.4% of the state delegates, and Bernie close behind with 25.7%.

The fact that has put in such a good performance will certainly turn heads, and lead to other candidates turning their guns on him.

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The Story  – Terrorism – The lone wolves strike again

In a matter of days, France and Great Britain were victims of what is commonly known as lone wolf terrorist attacks with a somewhat similar attack in the Maldives though the exact circumstances of the latter are still not that clear.

We experience the continuous multifaceted threat of lone wolf attacks the and vulnerabilities and difficulties connected to them.

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