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In-Nazzjon quotes the Nationalist Party’s statement that the 27th July vote of confidence is being conducted according to rules established by the Party’s executive and in a transparent manner.

The Times reports that petitioners behind the forthcoming vote of confidence in Nationalist Party leader Adrian Delia have cried foul over the manner in which the ballot is being handled and are accusing the party of shifting the goalposts.

A participant has won the monthly VAT lottery five times in eight months, Times of Malta reports.

In-Nazzjon quotes Nationalist Party leader comments about the rental law amendments, claiming that Adrian Delia that the new law will not solve any of the problems, which the  Nationalist party claims that were created by the current government.

L-Orizzont reports that the police are searching for a man from Serbia in connection with a case where a Macedonian man was injured seriously last June.

The newspaper also reports a court decision in favour of the GWU, following a court case related to the use of its HQ, the Workers’ Memorial Building in Valletta.

The Malta Independent reports that the PL candidate Josianne Cutajar was the candidate which spent most during the last EP elections. She was followed by PN candidate David Casa and PL candidate Cyrus Engerer.


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