Country singer Kenny Rogers admitted to hospital for dehydration, denies he’s in danger of dying

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Entertainer Kenny Rogers has been admitted to a Georgia hospital for dehydration, according to his official Twitter account.

Kenny Rogers has issued a statement to correct “wild misinformation” that he is dying. The 80-year-old music icon released a statement through representatives on Friday (May 31) after Radar Online reported that he is in such decline that he requires doctors 24/7.

The statement posted on Friday said he would remain there for physical therapy to “get his strength back” before being discharged. The statement said the 80-year-old singer and actor appreciated the well wishes from fans and wanted to assure everyone that “he plans on sticking around through the years to come.”

“Due to recent wild misinformation and speculation from several media outlets, we are issuing the following statement on behalf of Kenny Rogers,” his reps write.

Via Taste Of Country / AP

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