Court send mother to jail for hiding with children in custody bid

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ELPAIS:  Two and a half years for the abduction of each of their two children, six years of disqualification to exercise parental authority over them, an indemnity of 30,000 euros for the moral and material damage to the Italian  Francesco Arcuri , his ex-partner, and the payment of all the costs of the trial. This is the sentence that the judge has dictated for the mother of Maracena (Granada)  Juana Rivas 10 days after the trial was held on July 18 .

The sentence, which is appealable before the Audiencia of Granada within 10 days, has been issued by Judge Manuel Piñar, head of the criminal court 1 of Granada and adheres almost entirely to the request of Arcuri’s defense. 

The only discrepancy is that it disqualifies Rivas to exercise parental authority for six years instead of eight, as requested by Enrique Zambrano, Arcuri’s lawyer. The result is also very similar to the prosecutor’s request, although this did not include compensation. 

BBC reports that Spanish politicians and women’s groups have criticised the verdict.

The long-running custody battle has become a rallying point in Spain’s battle against gender violence.


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