Record 1298 new cases reported / Malta News Briefing – Tuesday 28 December 2021

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Albert Fenech, one of Malta’s top cardiologists as well as a former MP, died on Tuesday aged 70. Fenech was reportedly found dead inside his house and is believed to have died of natural causes. Times of Malta

Midday Briefing

A record 1298 Covid-19 Cases were reported in the past 24 hours according to the latest date released from the Ministry of Health. There were 82 cases which recovered.

30 year old man found dead after fall from Hastings garden

A 30-year-old man was found dead at the foot of a bastion in Valletta on Monday evening, the police said. The man, who was from Birkirkara, is believed to have fallen from Hastings garden, which lies above the ditch. In a statement on Tuesday, the police said that he was found dead in the ditch at around 6.15pm on Monday evening. Times of Malta

PN releases proposals for tourism and catering industry

The PN has come up with new proposals for the tourism and catering industry as Malta suffers a sharp increase in Covid-19 cases. Noting that such numbers are puttingpressure on the sectors, with hundreds of flights cancelled for the first three months of next year, the PN said that Government should seek to help such sectors with immediate effect. Malta Independent

Morning Briefing

CSP fined after failing to report suspected financial crime

Malta’s AML regulator, the FIAU, has fined a corporate service provider €60,000 for failing to report suspected tax evasion and money laundering by its clients. In a public notice, the FIAU said RGN Malta had failed in its duties to flag suspicious transactions to the anti-money laundering unit. The FIAU noted from one particular customer file analysed that RGN Malta had reasonable grounds to suspect the transactions being carried out involving a company in Singapore were connected to money-laundering and tax evasion. In a separate case involving the same company, the FIAU found there were reasonable grounds to suspect that the real owner of a company was hiding behind a third party.

MUT to meet health authorities on school re-opening

The MUT has revealed that a meeting has been scheduled at the turn of the year with health authorities to consider the re-opening of schools in January. In an interview of the national broadcaster, MUT President Marco Bonnici said that “the health authorities have to take the ultimate decision about what will happen in January and maybe we will know what will happen next.” Mr Bonnici said that educators are prepared for everything as they have been in previous years, while noting that the number of cases over the last few days are of concern because this affects education, those who are in quarantine, and positive cases in schools.

Covid-19 Update
Health authorities reported 832 new cases of COVID-19 on Monday, while 78 recovered. This means there are now 6,519 active cases of COVID-19 in Malta, 83 requiring hospitalisation.

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