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ET-Warehousing-2.jpgWhen Express Trailers launched its managed pharma warehousing service in 2012, it’s obvious choice in terms of software was an already mature Warehouse Management System for 3PL that was developed by Databyte, a leading software development house, forming part of the KDM Group. That system consisted of an IT-based platform that efficiently manages administration and invoicing of the receipt, storage and distribution of stocks. The original proprietary system, was further developed by DataByte, and Express Trailers is now co-investing with DataByte to take this system to the next level and market it both locally and internationally to other Third Party Logistics operators.

“Managed Warehousing goes beyond having available space for storage but rather, it entails having the right IT platform supporting the day-to-day management of receiving and holding third party inventory, issue holding bills, taking orders, delivering these orders to customers and keeping track of replenishing stock,” said Franco Azzopardi, Chairman and CEO of Express Trailers.

“We have been collaborating with DataByte since our first pharma warehouses started operating in 2012. However, since different commodities require different handling, we had to modify the system to cater for such requirements and today, besides pharmaceuticals, this platform has been modified to cater for different types of commodities including brown goods, white goods, manufacturing goods and more. Eventually, this IT system is now being applied to the management of Express Trailers’ new centralized managed warehousing facilities in Qormi,” added Franco Azzopardi.

Express Trailers’ Warehouse Management System for 3PL, features a configurated plan of each warehouse facility identifying length of stay of goods stored in the warehouse, the accrued billing value per night of storage and any vacant storage space that can be sold.. When cargo is received, tallied and warehoused, all items are bar-coded on location. Clients supply electronic files with the incoming cargo to enable us to prepare the related documentation for the warehouse coordinator to administer.

Pick orders, are  also sent by the client in electronic format to include the number of items required, respective stock code, segregated according to each driver or vehicle. The newer improved system is planned to cater for online data interface and give clients more authorised accessibility.

Currently, Express Trailers handles third party logistics for a number of companies including a major telecoms company and a Leading white goods.

Frederick Micallef DataByte’s Managing Director said that, the relationship between Express Trailers and DataByte started in 1986, when DataByte started to analyse, design and build the core Transport Management System for the company. During the same year, DataByte also started developing a Warehouse Management System for third party logistics for another client who operated in a different sector. Convergence between the two distinct product paths took place some seven years ago when Express Trailers engaged DataByte in the company’s own product development for third party logistics, specifically warehouse management. Express Trailers had taken a strategic decision to invest in this area of business as part of their diversification strategy.

“ICT was crucial, and the company approached us to use our expertise in this field of business, and on the basis of our long-standing relationship, tap in our technological expertise to create the third party contracting, inventory holding and billing engine behind the warehousing operation.” The product grew in such a way, that it now required a more robust and widely accessible application which can also integrate with the third party clients.

“Express Trailers is the leading logistics partner in Malta with expertise in the field and with a vision and commitment towards internationalization. This is in sync with our vision and strategy and as such we decided to establish a a company to develop and market this product both locally as well as internationally. To achieve this, we will be also maximising our recently announced partnership with international consultants Gartner for the internationalization of the product, which product will be also using our robust and safe cloud-infrastructure,” added Frederick Micallef.

Franco Azzopardi concluded, “today, the prospects of more growth in this activity led us to start consolidating our available space and we decided to centralize our managed warehousing service under one roof to be able to offer a better and more efficient service to an increased demand. Our pharma warehouses will remain next to our main offices but our current managed warehouses located opposite our main operating yard will be moved to our new 2800sqm warehouse in Qormi, leaving us with more space that will be utilised better to gain more efficiencies.”

This news item was provided by Corporate Identities for Express Trailers and Databyte.


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