Democrats try to delay start to Senate impeachment trial

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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi suggested that Democrats could delay impeachment proceedings against US President Donald in order to assure a fair trial in the Senate.

Immediately after the historic Wednesday vote to impeach the president, Democrats asked that four key witnesses be allowed to testify in the Senate trial. Trump had blocked four former and current White House aides with direct knowledge of the president’s affairs in Ukraine from testifying on the matter for the trial in the House.

Democrats also want more documents and further testimony to be included in the proceedings.

The two impeachment articles must be formally transmitted to the Senate for the trial to begin. The House impeached Trump for abuse of office and obstruction of Congress.

A two-thirds majority vote is necessary from the Republican-held Senate to convict the president of the impeachment charges and remove him from office. Republicans have said they would vote to exonerate the president.

While a swift trial without new witnesses would work in Republicans’ favor, it is in the interest of Democrats to stall, with the hope that Republican senators will eventually cave to public pressure and break rank.


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