Denmark to launch coronavirus passport

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FT – Denmark is to launch a coronavirus passport by the end of this month to help business travel, while Sweden will demand a negative test result from visiting foreigners as both Nordic countries grapple with the second wave of the pandemic.

Morten Bodskov, Denmark’s acting finance minister, said on Wednesday that a coronavirus passport would be launched in simple form by the end of this month, showing whether somebody had been vaccinated, while it would take another two to three months to develop a full digital passport.

The Danish government did not give full details of how the passport would work but said it would be developed in conjunction with business and cultural organisations, as well as in line with demands from the EU. It would be something travellers could have on their mobiles to show they have been vaccinated, added Mr Bodskov. Other details, such as whether a person has tested positive for antibodies, could be added later.

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