Denmark to train Ukrainian soldiers in Britain, Denmark

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COPENHAGEN, Aug 10 (Reuters) – Denmark will send military instructors to Britain to train Ukrainian soldiers and also aims to train Ukrainian officers in Denmark, the Danish defence minister said in an interview with the Jyllands-Posten newspaper published on Wednesday.

The interview precedes a conference in Copenhagen on Thursday when British, Danish and Ukrainian defence ministers are expected to discuss long-term support for Ukraine, including military training, mine clearance and weapon supplies.

“Within a short time, Denmark is sending 130 military instructors to a British training project,” Defence Minister Morten Bodskov told Jyllands-Posten.

The Danish defence ministry had no immediate comment.

Bodskov told the newspaper the instructors would provide basic military training, including urban combat and tactical operations, of Ukrainian soldiers with zero to limited military experience.

Denmark will also train Ukrainian military personnel on Danish soil, Bodskov added, saying the first step would be to educate military officers.

Reporting by Nikolaj Skydsgaard; editing by Barbara Lewis

Photo courtesy  Forsvaret Denmark

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