Di Maio and Renzi’s secret meeting to oust Conte

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The enemy of my enemy is my friend. And it is based on this ancient Italian proverb that, at the beginning of last week, Matteo Renzi and Luigi Di Maio decided for the first time to meet face to face privately. And moving them towards a step, which was once unthinkable, was their common adversity for the political aims of the Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte.

An account of this summit was delivered by “Il Corriere della Sera” in a piece signed by Claudio Bozza. The meeting would take place at dawn in the offices of the Chamber, to keep prying eyes away. But the news eventually leaked, as did the topic of discussion. That Giuseppe Conte’s hypothetical party which according to the pollsters, could count on an electoral pool between 12 and 15%. Of course, one thing is the polls, another reality. And another Prime Minister knows this very well, a man who was supposed to be super partesand who then decided to descend on the battlefield: Mario Monti. But it is clear that if Conte were to take the plunge, something would inevitably erode the Cinquestelle. And it would risk condemning Renzi’s Italia Viva to a definite irrelevance.

Therefore, Di Maio and Renzi, who once called each other “a drinks seller” and a “friend of the banks” respectively, wondered how to bring the premier to a milder advice. And the idea of ​​driving him away from Palazzo Chigi would also have flashed on the table. An unpredictable outcome, if you consider that it was the then 5-star political leader who forced the Prime Minister to confirm a reluctant Democratic Party at the time of the formation of the Conte-bis. But many things have changed since then. The relationship between Di Maio and Conte has gradually worsened mainly due to the increasingly marked autonomy of the premier compared to that 5-star movement that actually launched him into the political arena.

So, Di Maio and Renzi would go so far as to imagine a possible new government led by the Democratic Party. The lesser evil for both just to bury the “people’s lawyer”. It would not be a coincidence, as Bozza reports on the Corriere, that Maria Elena Boschi had just passed a sibylline and meaningful phrase: “Nobody is immovable”. And she was actually answering a question about Conte.

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