Dignity takes centre-stage in Italy’s political day

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Premier Giuseppe Conte said Tuesday that his government is determined to boost measures to stop the exploitation of migrant workers after 16 farm labourers died in two separate road accidents in Puglia in recent days.

“The compass of this government is set towards guaranteeing dignity of life and dignity of work – including in the approach that we have towards immigration,” Conte said on Facebook. “As for the gang-master system, we must reinforce the system of controls and prevention and introduce measures to support quality farm work”.

In his speech he referred to the fact that the Senate, while he was visiting the migrants, was passing the Decreto Dignita (Dignity Decree).

In fact the Italian Senate Chamber gave its approval to the Decreto Dignita with 155 yes , 125 no and 1 abstention

Through this vote, degree the conversion into law.

Luigi Di Maio said that “the first decree not written by economic principals and lobbies was approved after tens of years.It is the first decree after so many years that puts the citizen at the center, focuses on entrepreneurs and young precarious workers. Citizens ‘one’, system ‘zero’ “.

Even Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini met the migrant workers in Foggia. In his comments he invited migrants to help each other in fighting irregularities.


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