Dublin Airport to cut charges by 25% for more fuel-efficient airlines

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DUBLIN, May 19 (Reuters) – Dublin Airport plans to cut runway charges by 25% for airlines that operate planes with lower emissions, the Dublin Airport Authority (DAA) said on Friday.

The operator said it would shortly begin consultation with airlines on the next phase of its environmental charging strategy, which proposes to introduce what it said would be multimillion-euro discounts within the next six months.

The DAA introduced the first phase of the strategy last year, when it started to apply additional charges to noisier aircraft operating at night.

Goodbody Stockbrokers said the runway discounts would benefit carriers with younger fleets, such as Ryanair and to some degree Qatar Airways and IAG’s Aer Lingus.

Ryanair, which is currently taking delivery of Boeing’s new, more fuel-efficient 737 MAX jets, placed a multibillion-dollar order last week for as many as 300 more of the planes.

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