eCabs enables the fulfilment of thousands of Last Mile Deliveries

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Over the past two weeks, eCabs, the leading passenger transport services provider in Malta, has opened up its infrastructure, logistical and operational capacity to enable a wide range of local and international courier companies to be able to complete thousands of deliveries to their final destination through its own network.

In fact, eCabs embarked on an exciting venture to transform part of its logistics headquarters into a multi-user facility through which thousands of Christmas parcels and corporate gifts were delivered to their final destination using the transport fulfilment capabilities of the eCabs.

The eCabs’ facility became a veritable logistical hub where thousands of packages were being received, stacked and organised, sorted on a 24×7 basis, with a tech-driven framework channeling the last mile distribution to the intended recipients.

On peak days, the Company would manage to turn around hundreds of packages every hour, relying on its unique blend of logistical expertise, infrastructrure, fleet flexibility and technology adaptation across the entire supply chain. At the core of this complex operation was the leverage of the Company’s outstanding IT infrastructure which enables the optimisation of its logistical operations – a vital requirement for last mile deliveries.

The technology – entirely developed by Cuorium Ltd, a subsidiary of eCabs – is now undergoing further development to be transformed into a cloud-based framework open for internationalisation of the operations.

“We have been pursuing our last mile plans for the last year and we wanted to use this opportunity to test it and assess the level of optimisation we have reached. In reality, there is never a better time to test our logistical capabilities than this specific time of

the year. The heightened seasonal activity creates increasing demands on our infrastructural capabilities hence pushing us to deliver more efficiently and with smaller margins of errors” said Greta Borg Bezzina, the Director of Operations of eCabs.

Simon Debono, Chief Officer responsible for Marketing and Business Development at eCabs linked the successful performance of the Company to its passion and commitment for the transformation of the transportation industry.

He stressed that “the results we achieved in our beta operation in the last mile delivery segment clearly reflects the capabilities and the potential of our operations. In 2020 we shall be seeking to extend the service levels of our operation transforming ourselves into the transport provider of choice for passengers and last mile deliveries alike. We shall remain focused on exceeding expectations and passing on our efficiencies onto the customers by keeping prices as low as possible. This is our aspiration and we shall deliver it with an unparalleled passion for excellence,” concluded Simon Debono.

Photo caption: eCabs’ Chief Officer responsible for Marketing and Business Development Simon Debono, and Greta Borg Bezzina, Director of Operations.

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