Egypt resumes flights to 14 international destinations

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Egypt has announced the resumption of 14 new international flights, not including domestic flights and air cargo flights, daily to the capitals of the world that had been suspended due to the coronavirus.

EgyptAir, the national carrier of Egypt, said in a statement that the flights will be to Amsterdam, Paris, Rome, Milan, London, Juba, Amman, New York, Sharjah and Tunisia in addition to two flights to Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

EgyptAir said that passengers will be told about the Covid-19 measures of each country they travel to in advance, and the safety and protective measures that must be taken while traveling on EgyptAir flights.
They will also be urged to reserve their tickets through the company website, where they will also be made aware of any changes in the operating schedule.

EgyptAir has drawn up a precautionary plan in cooperation with the authorities for the prevention of the coronavirus. The plan covers the stages of travel before, during and after the flight’s arrival. Some of the measures include installing filters in the air conditioners of all EgyptAir aircraft that can capture up to 99 percent of viruses, microbes and bacteria, and making sure all crew members wear face masks and gloves.

EgyptAir also plans on allocating spaces for people with chronic diseases and those who are unable to wear face masks for long periods, as well as allocating the last two rows in the plane to isolate passengers who may have symptoms.

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