DBRS confirms Malta’s A rating / Malta News Briefing – Saturday 11 June 2022

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News Update

DBRS confirms Malta’s A rating

DBRS Morningstar Ratings confirmed Malta’s rating at ‘A’, noting also the trend on all ratings is a stable one. DBRS said it expects Malta’s economic outlook to remain solid, benefitting from a fuller return of foreign tourism, a healthy private-sector balance sheet, sustained fiscal support, and European funds.

PN’s Home Affairs Shadow Minister expresses doubts on Maria Efimova’s credibility

The Nationalist Party’s new home affairs spokesperson Joe Giglio – a one-time lawyer to the shuttered Pilatus Bank – has declared having “serious reservations” on the credibility of Maria Efimova. Giglio was being interviewed on 103 Malta’s Heart by Prof. Andrew Azzopardi. He said that that the Russian whistleblower, who never provided evidence of her claims in a magisterial inquiry, that he knew her as “a malevolent woman capable of getting herself into certain situations… I had said back then that if the documents did exist, then no one would be able to see them but her.”

Graffiti clear Blue Lagoon coast

Moviment Graffitti activists dismantled deckchairs and umbrellas set up in Blue Lagoon early on Saturday morning in protests against operators encroaching onto the public bay. Times of Malta

CRPD council members disassociate themselves from Commission’s position on genetic testing in IVF

The members of a council within the national disability rights agency CRPD, have disassociated themselves from the agency’s stand in favour of preimplantation genetic testing for embryos at risk of monogenetic and hereditary disease. The council members, which include representatives from the Malta Federation of Organisations for People with a Disability, and the Catholic home for the disabled Dar tal-Providenza, said the CRPD’s stand had not been discussed with council members. The Commission for the Rights of People with a Disability declared this week that people who do not wish to pass on their genetic disorders to their children should have access to pre-implantation embryo genetic testing. Reacting a day after parliament started debating the introduction of genetic testing (PGT) as part of wide-ranging changes to the law regulating in-vitro fertilisation, the CRPD said it supported the move. MaltaToday

Meanwhile the Maltese Curia said that the amendments to the IVF law undermine the dignity of embryos as they will allow embryos with specific genetic disorders to be frozen forever. Furthermore, through these amendments, a discriminatory choice will be made between which future baby will live and which will be frozen on the basis of their genetic condition.  35 multidisciplinary experts, including experts in medicine, science and embryology, were asked by the Maltese Church to present a position paper that has been prepared as part of a wider discussion that ought to be held as part of the Parliamentary debate on the proposed amendments to the Embryo Protection Act. Independent

Former GWU Secretary General Tony Zarb laid to rest

Former GWU Secretary General Tony Zarb was laid to rest today. The funeral was held in Floriana, following a corteo from the GWU Worker’s Memorial Building in Valletta. Talk.mt

Morning Briefing

Enemalta makes €35m loss in 2020

Enemalta recorded a loss in excess of €35 million in 2020 with the company’s directors pointing towards the COVID-19 pandemic and damage to the interconnector as the main contributors to the losses. In the director’s report which accompanied the accounts, the company said it had been impacted by reduced electricity sales, reduced utility payments, an increased risk in the provision of services, and delayed or reduced investment activity as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Being unable to use the interconnector, which was damaged by a ship’s anchor in December 2019, also had a financial impact on the company. [Times of Malta]

Used cars lobby group to carry out random checks

The Used Vehicle Importers Association has unanimously agreed to implement stricter measures following revelations surrounding a racket on Japanese-imported cars. “After suspending two of its members who have allegedly been found to have sold tampered vehicles, the council of the Used Vehicle Importers Association has unanimously agreed to implement stricter measures in order to ensure that such instances do not transpire in the future,” UVIA secretary general Albert Fenech said. [Maltatoday]

Covid-19 Update: 187 new cases of Covid-19 were reported by health authorities on Friday. 102 people have recovered from the virus. The active case tally now stands at 1,548.

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