Environmental activists stage protest at Schiphol Amsterdam airport

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Dutch military police began forcibly removing a group of environmental protesters from the Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport’ main hall on Saturday after they refused to leave.

A group of around 100 activists from Greenpeace and Extinction Rebellion gathered inside the airport’s entrance hall, chanting slogans for “climate justice” and carrying signs including one that advised travellers to “take the train”.

Dozens of police from the Marechausse, the force that guards Dutch borders, began removing the protesters one at a time, dragging or carrying those that resisted.

“After multiple warnings to leave Schiphol Plaza peacefully, the Marechausse has now begun arresting Greenpeace protesters,” the force said in a statement. Greenpeace is demanding that the airport draw up a better plan of action to curb the pollution it generates.

Saturday’s demonstration did not disrupt air traffic at Schiphol, one of Europe’s busiest airports.

Via Reuters 

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