EU can’t risk to be caught off guard on vaccines – Malta’s Health Minister

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POLITICO – Malta’s Deputy Prime Minister and Health Minister Chris Fearne made a call to the EU not to “be caught off guard” and make sure that there are arrangements in place when it comes to the availability of vaccines.

In an interview published on POLITICO, Minister Fearne said that “given we don’t know how long immunity from the current coronavirus vaccines lasts and booster shots might be needed to protect against new variants, Fearne says it’s time to end the finger-pointing and go shopping for more jabs. It’s better for the EU to ” Fearne said. “We need to make sure that we have the arrangements in place.”

Minister Fearne said with the EU’s vaccination strategy, there was full transparency between the 27 countries. “We negotiated jointly; we set prices jointly; and got some very good prices,” he said.

Fearne also referred to the fact that given that European member states have managed to come together, put aside narrow-minded nationalism, and really act as a union when it came to the procurement of vaccines, led to a situation where all the European Union citizens now have access to the vaccines in an equal fashion.

“All. Not some … This is going to be in history, one of the great moments of the European Union,” Fearne added.


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