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EU member states approve Post-Brexit Trade Deal

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The European Union has given the green light to its post-Brexit trade deal with the UK, clearing the way for it to come into effect in the New Year.

The member-state envoys formally endorsed the deal in Brussels. “EU ambassadors have unanimously approved the provisional application of the EU-UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement,” Sebastian Fischer, the spokesman for the current German presidency of the EU, tweeted.

“Next step: Final adoption by use of written procedure. Deadline: Tomorrow, 15.00 hours.”

The treaty has now been given the “green light,” the spokesman said, and the ambassadors’ approval allows tariff-free trade with the UK to continue after it leaves the EU single market at the beginning of next year, limiting potential disruptions to cross-channel trade.

The British parliament will have to ratify the deal later this week, but Brussels will apply it provisionally, cushioning the economic shock of the divorce.

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