EU monitors airline travel to Belarus in migrant crisis

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The European Union is monitoring flights to Belarus from two dozen countries in an attempt to prevent more migrants being encouraged to travel to the bloc’s border by the government in Minsk, a spokesperson said.

“We are looking at the frequency of flights, we are looking at the pattern of flights – how many flights go out, how many flights go back, what’s the occupancy of the planes,” a spokesperson for the EU’s executive Commission told reporters in Brussels.

The spokesperson listed airline travel from countries such as Morocco, Syria, Iran, Qatar, South Africa, Somalia, India, Sri Lanka, Venezuela, Russia, Azerbaijan, Tunisia, Algeria, Libya and Yemen.

(Reporting by Sabine Siebold, editing by Robin Emmott)

Photo – (FILE) A Belarusian airlines Belavia’s plane is seen on an airfield in the National airport Minsk outside Misnk, Belarus. EPA-EFE/TATYANA ZENKOVICH

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