Europe Votes: Spain, the projections

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This is a summary of Politico’s projections for the voting today in Spain:


Spain – The Projections

If the turnout of 43.81% is maintained in this vote, Politico predicts PSOE will beat second-placed PP by 1,814,654 votes. That is just 8.72% of the 20,803,868 non-voters.

Spain – The Issues

April’s elections saw the centre-left Spanish Socialist Workers’ Party (PSOE) pull off victory against a fragmented right, as well as the noisy arrival of the far-right Vox party in Spain’s national parliament. Poll watchers will now be looking to see if the country’s May mega-elections, which combine European, municipal, and regional polls, confirm the rise of Vox and the continued decline of the traditional centre-right People’s Party (PP).

Other issues to watch include whether the liberal Ciudadanos party can overtake the PP in Madrid, and if former French PM Manuel Valls, who is running for mayor of Barcelona, can cool the rise of Catalan separatist parties in the city. (FT)

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