Europe-wide police operation against Italian ‘Ndrangheta

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A police operation against the ‘Ndrangheta is underway in various European countries in an operation coordinated by the Turin Public Prosecutor’s Office.

Over two hundred women and men from the Anti-Mafia Investigative Directorate and about a hundred police, carabinieri and financial police units took part in the operation which apart from Italy, included the participation of security forces in Germany, Spain and Romania.

The operation, called ‘Platinum-Dia, dealt, according to the investigators, “a hard blow” to the’ Ndrangheta.

There are numerous precautionary custody measures and searches, issued by the Court of Turin at the request of the Piedmontese DDA and coordinated by DNA, in Italy and Germany, against subjects deemed to be affiliated with the ‘Ndrangheta. These are subjects active in the “local” of Volpiano (Turin), considered the economic terminal of the Agresta family of Platì (RC), as well as towards exponents of the Giorgi family, called “Boviciani”, of San Luca (RC), held responsible of international drug trafficking and active in Piedmont, Calabria, Sardinia and, in Germany, in the Land of Baden Wuerttemberg, in the tourist resorts of Lake Constance.

In addition to the execution of various precautionary measures, the ‘Platinum-Dia’ operation led to numerous preventive seizures of assets consisting of cooperative and construction companies, real estate, cars, bank and postal current accounts, corresponding to a value of many millions of EUR. 

The measure includes five companies operating in the catering sector, in particular the Caffè Millechicchi company and the VIP’S bar in Turin, a tobacco shop in via Volpiano, also in the Piedmontese capital; in the real estate sector GP Immobiliare and, in the building sector, the company General Construction, companies based in Turin.


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