Facebook removes 110,000 pieces of Covid misinformation posted by Australian users

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Facebook has removed more than 110,000 pieces of Covid-related misinformation generated by Australian accounts in the first year of the pandemic, the company has revealed.

In February, Facebook, along with Twitter, Google, Microsoft, Redbubble and TikTok, signed on to a new voluntary industry code aimed at combating misinformation and disinformation online.

As part of the code, members are required to publish annual reports on how they are implementing the code’s obligations, with the first report due this month.

In a blog post on Friday, Facebook’s head of public policy in Australia, Josh Machin, revealed that between March and December 2020, Facebook removed more than 14m pieces of misinformation related to Covid-19, including content about fake preventative measures or exaggerated cures.

Machin said Facebook had identified 110,000 of those posts came from Australian accounts or pages.

As part of the tech giant’s crackdown on misinformation, Facebook removed the former Liberal turned independent MP Craig Kelly’s Facebook page in April for repeated breaches, including posts about unproven treatments for Covid-19. The celebrity chef Pete Evans’ account was removed in late December for similar reasons.

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