Fake news stories about MMR vaccine leads to rise in measles

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The Irish Independent reports that measles cases have almost trebled from just 25 cases in 2017 to 66 this year, as the disease enters the country via EU holidaymakers and immigrants.

Statistics obtained by the Irish Independent reveal the rise, with the spread of the disease across Europe being partly being blamed on “fake news” stories about the vaccine.

EU countries affected by outbreaks include France, Greece, Romania and Italy – countries where the measles/mumps/rubella (MMR) vaccine has historically seen a low uptake.

An anti-vaccine movement is gaining traction in some areas, including Rimini, Italy, a resort many Irish holidaymakers visit each year.Measles became headline news here earlier this year when it emerged two cases had attended several hospitals in Dublin.The HSE confirmed it had been notified of four further cases in Dublin, affecting two adults and two children.

“These four individuals are likely to have developed measles from contact with one of the two earlier cases at hospitals in Dublin,” it warned.”The HSE requests people to continue to be vigilant about measles.”

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