FELTOM Deeply Concerned About Industry’s Future

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FELTOM expressed its disappointment following the recent announcement made by the Superintendent of Public Health delaying the opening of ELT schools.

While this is having a detrimental impact on the business aspect of schools, FELTOM hopes that, in the interim, the industry is given clear direction from the government and a vision of the way forward for schools to implement meaningful survival plans.

The EFL industry is one of the most terribly hit industries in our country which has incurred terrible financial losses and support for schools is imperative if this industry is to survive.

The significant contribution of the ELT sector to the Maltese economy has been evident over the years and losing this globally competitive sector will be highly detrimental. In 2019 alone, the total spend of ELT students in Malta was close to €200 million.

The further extension of the second closure of schools has decimated their remaining income whilst liabilities for staff expenses, maintenance of buildings and accommodation rentals remain.

Whilst awaiting the Prime Minister to accept the request for a formal meeting, FELTOM anticipates that, following various consultation meetings, the government will be in a position to offer the financial support that the industry desperately needs to survive.