Malta’s leaders join world in tribute to Queen Elizabeth II / Malta News Briefing – Friday 9 September 2022

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Schembri granted bail: Former More supermarkets boss Ryan Schembri has been granted bail with a court saying he was never technically a criminal fugitive – Times of Malta.

Man claims excessive force during citizen’s arrest: Police are investigating whether excessive force was used during a “citizen’s arrest” at a fast food restaurant in Hamrun on Friday morning, during which the suspected thief was beaten and bloodied by the owners, who had previously employed the accused – Maltatoday.

PN laments Government inaction on human trafficking: The Nationalist Party has taken aim at the government for ‘remaining silent’ when faced with the human trafficking problem. – The Malta Independent.

Government to reward voluntary organisations: Through the Premju Soċjetà Ġusta 2022, the Government will reward the dedication and commitment of people, voluntary organisations and workplaces that played an active part in continuing to strengthen inclusion in the disability sector (TVM).

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Malta’s leaders join world in tribute to Queen Elizabeth II: Prime Minister Robert Abela and President George Vella have joined leaders from around the world in expressing sadness at Queen Elizabeth II’s death. “Malta joins the rest of the world in mourning the death of HM The Queen Elizabeth II. As monarch and Head of the Commonwealth, she was loved by all,” Abela wrote on Twitter. President George Vella tweeted: “On behalf of the government and people of Malta I salute the memory of Queen Elizabeth II. Her Majesty leaves a strong legacy within the Commonwealth. We will all cherish her special bond with Malta.”

Insurers demand better enforcement on e-scooters: Insurance companies are reporting a significant increase in claims for personal injury and property damage resulting from incidents involving e-scooters and are demanding more enforcement. However, according to the industry’s lobby group, more legislation is not the solution. In comments to the Times of Malta, Malta Insurance Association president Anthony Cauchi said that we do not need more regulations or laws. What we need is to enforce what is already in place”. Cauchi said that for the country to get the most out of green means of transport like e-scooters, the regulations must be enforced in their entirety.

1,270 Ukrainians given refuge in Malta: In July of this year Malta gave temporary protection to 85 Ukrainians who had fled the country because of the Russian war. Statistics published by Eurostat show that since March, 1,270 Ukrainians have been given temporary protection. After Russia invaded the Ukraine in February, 190 Ukrainians came in March, 390 in April, 415 in May,190 in June and 85 in July.

Morning Briefing

FIAU slaps fine on Novum Bank
A Malta-based bank owned by a Dutch billionaire has been fined by the Financial Intelligence Analysis Unit (FIAU) for shortcomings in its efforts to detect potential money laundering. Novum Bank, owned by Dutch entrepreneur Marcel Boekhoorn, was hit with an €89,000 fine and ordered to tighten up its checks on clients. (Times of Malta)

First part of 2021-2027 EU funding packaged approved

Malta will start using the package of European funds which are earmarked for projects and initiatives for the next 7 years, which in total amount to €2.25 billion. The European Commission has approved the first program of funds that will help Malta address the challenge of immigration and asylum, among others. (TVM)

Jason Micallef says people of dubious character undermining him within PL

The Executive Chairman of the Labour Party’s media wing ONE Productions Jason Micallef has shared his discontent about apparent undermining efforts against him being undertaken by people of dubious character within the PL. In a cryptic post on Facebook, Micallef said that party officials need to follow a certain standard – a standard which he says some people have not followed. “I have followed this standard, stuck to it, and proudly boast about it everywhere. Not everyone can do that,” Micallef said. (The Malta Independent)

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