Life Network Foundation says doctors have legal obligation to save pregnant woman’s life / Malta News Briefing – Wednesday 22 June 2022

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Updated 1755 – Evening Update

Life Network Foundation says doctors have legal obligation to save pregnant woman’s life: Various media outlets are reporting the story about a woman who is suffering a miscarriage at 16 weeks has made an emotional public appeal for doctors to terminate the pregnancy because he fears for his wife’s health. This has escalated into a social media controversy. In a statement on Facebook in the evening, the Life Network Foundation said Malta has an excellent track record of caring for pregnant women and if the life of the mother is at risk, doctors in Malta have the legal and ethical obligation to do all that they can to save her life whatever the consequences to the unborn child.

Valletta residents request council to repeal controversial legal notice: The Valletta Residents Revival Group called on the Valletta local council to request the repeal of the Legal Notice allowing music to be played until 1am, until a consensus was reached. During a protest on Wednesday afternoon in front of the Valletta local council, the VRR Group presented a position paper against the Legal Notice which seeks to allow establishments in popular streets in Valletta to play music outdoors until 1am. (Maltatoday)

Police Commissioner promises transparency on Iosif Galea investigation: Police chief Angelo Gafà has promised to publish the conclusion of the independent investigation into how the corps handled the Iosif Galea case. Taking questions from journalist present at the inauguration of Marsaxlokk’s community policing team, Gafà said the case was under investigation, however, he also promised that the recommendation will be implemented when asked if disciplinary action will be taken against the officers involved. (Newsbook)

Updated 1230

Cost-of-living more important than freedom and values for Maltese citizens: Over 71% of Maltese said they were not ready for increases in food and energy prices from the war on Ukraine, as opposed to the EU average of 40%. A Eurobarometer survey has found that the Maltese (63%) preferred maintaining price stability “even if it affects the defence of our common European values” (EU 39%); but were less likely to favour defending freedom and democracy (32%) if it impacted cost of living (EU 59%). More here.

Ċaqnu repays €20m in tax: Construction tycoon Charles Polidano, has made a sizable down payment as part of a new payment agreement to repay decades’ worth of unpaid taxes. Polidano, also known as iċ-Ċaqnu, handed back at least €20 million earlier this month as part of the agreement, according to media reports. The significant bank overdraft was partially covered by the sale of a property owned by his business firm earlier this year for around €11 million.

Covid-19 Update: 523 new coronavirus cases were reported today, the highest single-day tally since April. With 98 recoveries the number of known active cases rose to 3,719.

Morning Briefing

Finance Minister warns of serious repercussions from war

Finance Minister Clyde Caruana said that war in Ukraine will change life as we know it, going as far as recalling the food bulk-buying of the early 1990s. Opening the debate on the Jobsplus Financial Estimates in parliament, Caruana said Russia’s war on Ukraine could go on for years. “The coming days, weeks, months and even years will go down in history, and historians will mark this time as a time of massive change in Europeans’ way of life,” he remarked. Caruana addressed the cost of living issue at length, blaming the war and the pandemic. The Minister vowed to otect and secure workers, our labour market, our standard of living… and we must make sure the Maltese people do not get to bear the brunt of decisions taken by larger European countries”. (Times of Malta)

Ryanair announces investment in Malta

Low-cost airline Ryanair will continue to expand its Malta operations, announcing the construction of a fully-fledged maintenance facility for its aircraft at Luqa. The investment of €20 million will see Ryanair expand its European network of MRO (maintenance, repair and overhaul) facilities to Malta. PM Robert Abela said that Ryanair was now transforming its Maltese operations, and creating a complete service hub, adding that the MRO sector in Malta currently employs 1,000 people, meaning that Ryanair was committed to growing the sector by 25%. (Maltatoday)

Covid-19 Update: 488 new cases of coronavirus were reported on Tuesday, as the recent spike continues. This was the highest report since 20th April. Five persons passed away while Covid-positive.

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