First Italian to get vaccine receives death threats from anti-vaxxers

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The first Italian to get the COVID-19 vaccination has received death threats from anti-vaxxers and haters on social media, the Il Messaggero newspaper reported Tuesday.

“Now let’s see when you die” was one of the insults aimed at Claudia Alivernini, a 29-year-old nurse at Italy’s premier infectious disease hospital, the Spallanzani in Rome. Frontline worker Alivernini, who has a degree in nursing, blocked all her social media accounts ahead of her vaccination.

Politicians from across the political spectrum condemned the threats as “unacceptable”. They voiced solidarity with her.


Photo -The nurse Claudia Alivernini, the first to receive the vaccine, during the anti-covid19 vaccine day at the Spallanzani Hospital where the first drugs were symbolically given to five health workers, Rome, Italy, 27 December 2020. EPA-EFE/Riccardo Antimiani

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