Floods in Romania leave one dead and several people temporarily evacuated

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The Romania Journal reports that hundreds of courtyards, gardens and households have been flooded, while 50 trees have been put down in the past 24 hours, following heavy rains. A woman died in Hunedoara, and several people have been temporarily evacuated in Neamt.

92 code orange and code yellow alert for bad weather (torrential rains, thunder storms, strong wind and hail) have been issued on Tuesday night to Wednesday.

Bad weather have played havoc in 66 localities in 25 counties and Bucharest.

Firefighters have pumped the water from 332 courtyards, 33 households, 38 basements and nine annexes. 50 trees have been blown down by the storms, and two roofs have been damaged due to strong wind.

In Hunedoara county, three localities have been flooded and a 71-year-old woman with motion sickness lost her life after being caught and taken by the flash flood in her courtyard.

Considering dangerous meteorological phenomena are forecast in the upcoming period as well, people are advised to stay away from the riverbanks and to not cross flooded rivers.

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