French cabinet reshuffle possible early next week

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PARIS, July 1 (Reuters) – An expected reshuffle of the French government after President Emmanuel Macron lost his absolute majority in parliament could take place next Monday or Tuesday, the government spokesperson said on Friday.

Asked on LCI television if this was planned during those days, Olivia Gregoire said: “We can imagine that.”

Macron, who was re-elected as president in April, lost control of parliament in legislative elections last month – meaning it is no longer a rubber stamp for the government’s plans.

Moreover, three ministers lost their bid to win a parliamentary seat during that vote, which means that, according to an unwritten but established convention, they have to resign from the government.

According to RTL radio, at least four new cabinet ministers will be appointed in the upcoming reshuffle.

Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne, in charge of the government since Macron’s re-election, is due to deliver her general policy statement to the parliament next Wednesday – at 1300 GMT in the lower house and at 1900 GMT to the Senate.

“There will be a cabinet meeting next week,” Gregoire said after several weeks without one, adding that a bill focused on boosting citizens’ purchasing power would be submitted to the parliament this month.

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