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Start your day informed with your morning briefing providing you the highlights of what happened in the last 24 hours Malta, Europe and the World,  in just under 5 minutes.


Newspaper Headlines MaltaThe Opposition leader Adrian Delia has presented an application before the Constitutional Court seeking a complete copy of the Egrant inquiry report>> The story is also the leading item on the front page of The Malta Independent.


The family of slain journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia is calling for a full public inquiry into her murder and is prepared to go to court on the matter. >> The matter is also the leading story of today’s Times where we read Caruana Galizia’s family members  have demanded a public inquiry into whether her assassination was preventable.


L-Orizzont reports that the GWU is concerned about the working conditions at the Palumbo shipyards.


The prosecuting officers in the case of a man charged with killing a Dutch woman in Santa Venera a week ago will allege he did so because of “jealousy”. >>


The Independent reports that the number of vehicles in Malta increased by an average of 12,000 a year since 2014.


The Times front page carries a story which quotes Eurostat saying that one in every three babies is born outside marriage, the highest rate in Malta in over a decade, accord- ing to EU statistics.


MIA Organisation

“Accountants have to be the enabling partners to their clients and stakeholders and help them harness disruption by providing the necessary peace of mind. The accounting professionals and the Malta Institute of Accountants are uniquely placed to facilitate the smooth adjustment to new situations.” >>


Karozzin.pngThe Malta Independent reports that animal rights activist and TV presenter Moira Delia said that asking for a ban on horse drawn carriages would be a hurried and unrealistic demand.


L-Orizzont reports that total number of Tuna exports to Japan reached €88.6 million in 2017.


Latest Update

The Saudi-UAE military alliance at war with Yemen’s Houthi rebels has been blamed for an air attack on a school bus that killed dozens of people, including at least 29 children. >> 


A fresh strong earthquake with a magnitude of 6.2 has hit Indonesia’s Lombok island, causing buildings to collapse, according to witnesses and the Southeast Asian nation’s meteorology and geophysics agency. >>


North Korea issued a forceful statement Thursday against what it said were elements of the US government which are not adhering to the spirit of the dialogue established by US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un at the Singapore summit in June. >> (CNN)


Violent storms hit the entire province of Varese, creating several discomforts including a blackout of about an hour that has also caused delays in the departures of the Milan Malpensa airport . >> (TGCOM)


Berlin has agreed with Madrid that Germany can return migrants who have already applied for asylum in Spain. >> (Euronews)


Vice President Mike Pence announced the Pentagon’s detailed plan for President Donald Trump’s vision of a Space Force on Thursday, which would establish the first new military branch in over 70 years. >>


Populist Shi’ite cleric Moqtada al-Sadr retained his lead in Iraq’s May parliamentary election, results of a nationwide recount of votes showed on Friday, positioning him to play a central role in forming the country’s next government. >> (Reuters)


Pilots of RyanAir based in Germany, Ireland, Sweden and Belgium start a walkout today, at the height of the holiday season.


Russia has criticised the new sanctions by the US against in reaction to Salisbury’s incident as “draconian” and promised it will retaliate. >>


Italian police have seized more than 20 tons of hashish, 400 thousand litres of diesel and the ship that transported them, ‘Remus’, flying the Panamanian flag. >>


The Spokesperson of Khalifa Haftar’s self-styled army, Ahmed Al-Mismari, has requested a Russian intervention in Libya similar to the one in Syria “to get rid of foreign players in the country.” >>


The Argentine Senate voted against the legalisation of abortion. >>


PesticideA federal appeals court has ordered the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to ban the pesticide chlorpyrifos, which is linked to developmental and neurological disorders, especially in children and infants. >>


Estonia urged the head of NATO on Wednesday to investigate the accidental launching of an air-to-air missile in its airspace on Tuesday by a NATO Air Policing mission plane. >>


Marie Skłodowska Curie has been voted the woman who has made the most significant impact on world history. >>


vaccination italyDr Mark Muscat from the World Health Organisation told Euronews about the WHO concern about Italy because the number of measles cases that are being reported over the last years. >>


beerIn Canada, one politician is promising a “buck-a-beer” for votes. >>





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