From insomnia to victory – Tenor performs Nessun Dorma hoping that Italy ‘all’alba Vincerà’

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The streets, concert hall and opera houses are deserted, but in Italy, you can still hear the music.

After earlier, this week the country’s government imposed unprecedented restrictions on its 60 million people to control the spread of coronavirus, quarantined in their own homes and balconies, many are using music to connect with the outside world, and show love and support to their neighbours.

Tenor Maurizio Marchini did just this, taking to his balcony to serenade the rooftops of his hometown, Florence.

Marchini sings Puccini’s impassioned aria from his opera Turandot, ‘Nessun Dorma’, or ‘None shall sleep’. After the aria’s climax with a high B, Maurizio picks up his son and repeats the line Vincerò!, or ‘I will be victorious.’

Via Classic FM 

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