Germany calls for EU migrant redistribution ‘coalition’

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Germany’s foreign minister says willing EU countries should redistribute migrants saved in the Mediterranean Sea. Some EU countries have vehemently opposed any form of redistribution in recent years.

Foreign Minister Heiko Maas said in comments to the RND media group that Germany should promote a “coalition of the willing” among European Union countries that are prepared to accept refugees saved in the Mediterranean Sea.

Germany would be willing to make a substantial contribution to the alliance and accept a set share of refugees as part of a “binding” redistribution system, he added.

Maas, a Social Democrat, said that disputes between EU countries about redistributing refugees “must no longer” impede an agreement on saving migrants from drowning in the Mediterranean.

EU ministers are scheduled to discuss efforts to save migrants at a meeting next week. Maas said he expected “a decisive step” forward in the discussion.


Via DW

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