Germany infection rate rises after lockdown eased

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Coronavirus infections in Germany are rising, just days after the country eased its lockdown restrictions.

The Robert Koch Institute for disease control announced the country’s COVID-19 reproduction rate, or R, had risen to 1.1.

When it goes above 1, it means the number of infections is growing.

The number of confirmed coronavirus cases in Germany increased by 357 to 169,575, data from the Robert Koch Institute  for infectious diseases showed on Monday.

The reported death toll rose by 22 to 7,417, the tally showed.

It had fallen to 0.7 before Chancellor Angela Merkel bowed to pressure from leaders of Germany’s 16 federal states to restart social life and revive the economy on Wednesday.

And despite the acceleration in cases and her announcing measures that included more shop openings and a gradual return to school, thousands took to streets in parts of the country on Saturday to demand an end to all restrictions.

Karl Lauterbach, a professor of epidemiology and Social Democrat lawmaker, warned a rapid spread of COVID-19 was likely after he saw large crowds out and about in his home city of Cologne.

When relaxing the lockdown, Ms Merkel also announced an “emergency brake” to allow for restrictions to be reimposed if infections pick up again.

But despite the removal of some restrictions, protesters gathered in a number of German cities to demand they were all abandoned.

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