Germany names ‘boostern’ its best anglicism of 2021

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The expression “boostern” has been named the German language’s English loan word of 2021, a jury for the annual “Anglicism of the Year” initiative announced on Tuesday in Berlin. 

Although not strictly an English word, and used as a verb in German, boostern derives from the English term “booster” or “booster shot,” referring to an additional dose of a coronavirus vaccine.

The noun “Booster” is also commonly used.

Linguist and chairman of the selection jury, Anatol Stefanowitsch, said that the expression first appeared in common parlance in October 2021, and then “almost seamlessly became a fixed part of the German vocabulary.” 

The jury said that the English word for an additional dose of a vaccine had a more “optimistic and dynamic” connotation than the German phrase “eine Auffrischungsimpfung erhalten,” which translates into the wordy: “to get a booster vaccination.” 

Since 2010, the Anglicism of the Year initiative has recognized the contribution of English to the development of German vocabulary.

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