Greek officials concerned at amount of young people testing positive

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Greek public health officials are becoming increasingly concerned at the number of young people testing positive for the novel virus. An abrupt increase in cases nationwide is being attributed increasingly to younger Greeks flouting mask-wearing and social distancing rules.

Speaking on MEGA TV this morning the infectious disease expert, professor Charalambos Gogos, said Greece was in the midst of “a powerful outbreak of the pandemic.” Infection rates, he said, have been increasingly linked though increased testing to transmissions by younger aged groups who were “asymptomatic.”

“Young people need to be very careful. They are spearheading the epidemic’s future [trajectory],” he told the channel.

The country has seen infections exceed numbers reached at the height of the pandemic in April. On Thursday, the national public health organisation, EODY, announced 153 new coronavirus cases with the tally surpassing 5,000 for the first time. Of that number only eleven had been located at ports of entry reflecting the increase in domestic infections and what prime minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis this week called a growing sense of “complacency” that appears to be fuelling the rise.

The average age of those being diagnosed positive is now 45, much younger than previously.

Greek islands that were once entirely Covid-free have also reported cases. Earlier today a team of public house officials rushed to Mykonos where a popular beach bar was closed and sealed off after seven employees tested positive for the virus. Local authorities on the Cycladic island have expressed growing anxiety over parties being held at private villas.

Closer to Athens, which has also experienced a spike in cases, a curfew was declared on the Argo Saronic island of Poros with bars and restaurants being ordered to close at 11 PM after 13 people were reported to have contracted the virus.

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